I am an award-winning  graphic artist, public artist, writer and designer who is inspired by nature’s flora and fauna, bold colors and the whimsy of it all. My larger than life butterfly public art projects can be seen across the country in cities including Thornton, Colorado, Cedar Park (Austin), Texas, and Johnson City, Tennessee. 


I think of my art as a combination of the familiar with a good dose of glamour, humor and an uplifting color palette.  I love working with photographs, vintage ones from scrapbooks as well as photographs I take everyday. I am inspired by feelings of happiness, nostalgia, laughter and the moments that make it all happen. My goal is to take these inspirations and present them to you in a way you will relate your own story to. The digital medium is finding its place in the art world, and it's my hope that it will continue to evolve through artists as a means of creative expression. 


The Awakening, 2021

I began showing and selling prints of my work in local galleries and coffee shops, and I now do so on my website and physical galleries in Tennessee and Washington, DC. I am always looking for new venues and hope to expand this list in coming years.


I live and work nestled in the beautiful mountains between Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. My home office studio faces right into the woods adjacent to the Smoky Mountains where I get to watch the birds, deer, fox, bears, raccoons, neighborhood cats and my dog, Luna. Every day I am surrounded by the perfect balance of technology and nature. 


Currently you can find my products in person at...

Martha Spak Gallery
60 District Square SW, Washington, DC 20024