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Cedar Park, TX
Public Art Collection
Utility Box Art Wrap
vinyl wrap of digital design

"Catching Air" 
Brushy Creek Lake Park

The “Catching Air” utility box is graphically designed with bold, vibrant hues depicting nature at its most beautiful and intended to bring a burst of color to active Brushy Creek Sports Park while at the same time draw attention to some of central Texas’ endangered flora and fauna.


The blue, yellow and pink clouds of sunset against the purple sky are home to many habitants dear to central Texas. The endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler stands proud on his branch above wisps of our endangered Texas wild rice (Zizania texana). On the right end side, hidden among the wild rice grass hides another creature on the endangered list, the Texas horned lizard, just below two gigantic purple Texas Poppy-Mallows (also endangered). 

Drawing from the park’s visitors and abundance of activities, depicted in silhouette are a bicyclist, skateboarder and playful pup sniffing the daisies. 

Cedar Creek Texas Brushy Creek Park Art Box