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Circle Gallery, City Hall 
Kingsport, Tennessee
"The Magic of Kingsport" Exhibition
December 2, 2022 - February 2, 2023 |  Purchase inquiries
Choosing my favorite magical spots of Kingsport to feature in this show, I considered many locations that I frequent often. These include retail establishments, recreational trails, restaurants, pet related merchants,  historical establishments, and others throughout our city, some of which are no longer around in business. 
My twelve magical venues include Andes-Straley Animal Hospital, Asian Market, Bagel Exchange, Bays Mountain Brewery Company, the Chop House, Cindy Saadeh Fine Art Gallery, Fire Tower Trail on Bays Mountain, the Green Belt, the Haggle Shop, the Kingsport Carousel, The Press Building, Stir Fry restaurant.

Collage Collection V 

One Fish, Two Fish, Daisy Fish, Blue Fish

Jennifer Geiger digital whimsical art


My art is a combination of the familiar with a good dose of glamour, humor and an uplifting color palette. In my digital creations, I love working with photographs, vintage ones from scrapbooks as well as photographs I take everyday. I am inspired by feelings of happiness, nostalgia, laughter and the moments that make it all happen. My goal is to take these inspirations and present them to you in a way you will relate your own story to.


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