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The Zodiac Collection


Aquarius the Water Bearer


Aries the Warrior


Cancer the Nurturer


Pisces the Dreamer


Taurus the Gardener


Leo the Creator

The Dress Rehearsal Collection

Jennifer Geiger graphic art collage blue heron

Mr. Blue

Jennifer Geiger graphic art collage shells grecian statue

BeBe the Bird Girl

Jennifer Geiger graphic art collage flamingo birth of venus

The Birth of Paradise

Summer Ibis 

Jennifer Geiger graphic art flamingo collage graffiti florida

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Jennifer Geiger graphic art collage spoonbill birth venus

A Saturday Night Pink

Keeper of the Shells


Pretty in Pink

Jennifer Geiger digital whimsical art


My art is a combination of the familiar with a good dose of glamour, humor and an uplifting color palette. In my digital creations, I love working with photographs, vintage ones from scrapbooks as well as photographs I take everyday. I am inspired by feelings of happiness, nostalgia, laughter and the moments that make it all happen. My goal is to take these inspirations and present them to you in a way you will relate your own story to.


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